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Dulani Anderson is the energy behind the creation of Kobe the Goat and the series it belongs to! It has been his life's journey to discover the perfect blend of what he enjoys and what positively impacts the youth. Finding himself in unfulfilling jobs has led him to document his experiences through written verse. 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, he experienced first hand the impact sports has on the community. This inspired his newest book series! 

Dulani discovered his talent of writing when his passions aligned, his love for children, his love for storytelling, and his love of helping others. 


the Illustrator

Katelyn Yoder is an illustrator, painter, textile designer, and crafter who wants to bring happiness to others with the joy of art! She graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Illustration, Minor in Painting. Katelyn currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her passions include traveling, nature, and all things creative! She always makes sure her art is a work of heart! 


Written verse

Most of the world has seen Kobe the basketball player and 5 time champion of the Los Angeles Lakers. However, Kobe's contribution to the world was much more than this.


Kobe the Goat, pun intended, is especially designed with your child in mind. This story comes to life with an adorable goat and the friends that help shape him. Furthermore, with the mentorship of his parents, Kobe is determined to work hard and be the very best. 


School O Fame is launching pre-sales for Kobe the Goat. Let's be trailblazers by providing our children with the necessary content to develop the values that our world so desperately needs. Join us in this journey to deliver valuable entertainment with a unique twist! Stay tuned and make sure you're one of the firsts to get your hands on a copy of Kobe the Goat!


LiMited Edition

Hard Cover

Ships 12/10/20




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"Beautiful book! From the story to the images! Love how you put him through adversity.. so amazing! The nods to all the greats.. LJ the cub.. Tim the giraffe.. Congrats bro! Definitely reading a book like this to my kid one day!


"As a teacher, I haven't read a book this great in a while! It sends a valuable message to our youth about working hard and never giving up! This is exactly what our kids need especially at a time like this!"




"The text and illustrations very much come alive with the bold colors adding to the vividness of the story being told. The high quality of the publication and custom touch the Letter of Authenticity provides makes for a first class product. The unique customized wrapping for the "gift book" adds a touch of class you seldom see."



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